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Notes from talk with Mike on Steampunk

Ultimately, why they think they?re doing it? Read hard to get people to produce declarative knowledge about self.

East to collect judgement.

(Scenarios/examples ? indirect data) kind of available.

Look at properties/discussions?look at comments

(pay less attention to declarative knowledge. Clues about what they say about it.)

Programming-boundary programming. Understanding of how it all fits together. Mid 80s programming. Electronics engineers?end of the 80?s.

→ Strangled, structured programming came into use?Pascal

Turbo Pascal subversive dialects?quick writing. Much language programming. Didn?t get out of loop.

Programming 1960-1970 build structures in your head.

→ (Rube Goldberg ? Fortran coding or APL that was the time it originated)


Possibilities Focus since 1984 increased move towards GUI that gives the appearance of control but overt-outer appearance or conventions

Steampunk Case (Extension of software mode but to things)

HP, Xerox, Apple ? differentiated themselves from early computer, early recognition of physical design contributed to technical success of product. 

Whole idea of visual Virtual/Visual ? GUI or way case is shaped.

HP 70?s beautiful IEEE 488 bus protocol, 1st hard disk drives/first drives from IMB, SMB- 20K

Design led you to connect

IBM equivalent ? needed giant manual just to operate

(formally) some will be icon graphic styling ? icon on website

Start to understand the symbol. How they relate to other symbols.

Over time interpretation of symbols change.

What doesn?t change is relationship between symbols.

Pith Helmet (Iconic to British, postal service, bush)

(19th century it was association context of use)

function of use?became an icon of activities not with things and functions but with symbols. 

What is it evoking? By Abstract Properties

Evokes 19th century colonial/Exploration/Military British

Pith Helmet → what does it evoke? (abstracting of properties) abstracts (evokes 19th century colonial/exploration/military/British) context of use (when they use this symbol what are they wanting you to interpret?)

When an SP wears a Pith helmet (nuanced) (probably just does it) Explorer (by evoking an ancient context of use/trying to apply them to themselves.) ←  Why? What is the difference between original and how it would be viewed ? not an attempt about time. Place themselves back in time.

Example: LED on Pith helmet confusion of time, suggests nuanced of symbol cluster. 


Symbolic Capital

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