Notes on Adaptation

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 Sources Intention of refinement on financial instruments procedures that fill hill

 Hacking Thought Theoretical perspective


Anthro grid hacking planet, Stone Axe, What is the modern stone axe? (Wireless?)

Anthromethods. Net

 Icons of human transitions From smart things to objects of instrumentations. Objects of instrumentations.

 Motif Underlying how we change the world

(Adapt the world around us, not just adapt to the world.)

Culture, Cultural knowledge?situated workers are seen as model that is analog of world around them. Value in knowing local knowledge.

Analog of the world Have to understand it to understand how they change in the world

People collectively make the world that is around them.

Reenacting world Inventing hills to climb

Built on top of symbolic technology

Anthropologist not enough?from that build out

Wenonah?s article ?Three Women? (Miriam?s mother, the old woman)


 Change situations ? other people buying things, making things thinking of new ways to use the old in new ways.

People may not think only ?in language.?

Maybe very strange algorithms, philosophy--understanding properties of consciousness.


Subconscious?from what he calls not reflective in anthropology

(Abstract out parts, improve reliability of making things happen)

Achieving goals reliability

Look at process and see what (mumble mumble) is in the moment.

Behavioral economics Combination adaptation and active modification of change.

All cultural/social/material resources ?adaptational processes at that level don?t produce rules, images or constraints

Capabilities or ways of using those

A Toolkit?library of capabilities with context attached.

Transform situation 

Change conditions to apply

Hyper adaptation (modify context to use tools, radiant hyper adaptation)

(theory→ apply it)



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