Culture vs Subculture and General Notes

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Culture notes

Obesesion with goggles/ballooning

welding prior 1903 ballooning, motoring, motorcycling

(bar is in knowledge) suggestion hackable less so

big discussion about cars

computers made end user controlled to what others controlled

Hyp: particular application

Disappearred as a front line, dropped out of curriculum

If I don?t like programming its about something else. 

Libraries are used for managing graphical objects

conception now not as possible ? Mike thinks

Graph age by number of texts made

culture vs subculture

access to things to stay alive benefits from work of others. Food access, doing stuff for other people (culture)

attributes or properties of culture

Cultures have: Bodies of knowledge (info and log relation between info underlying schema that allows understanding.)

If we had a subculture it would have this control ? additional bodies of knowledge with additional logical realations

Society organics technical logics or science

Culture Group of people hwo have a set of social relations that have to be maintained. bodies of knowledge shared include logics of that knowledge.

(facts don?t need to be widely distributed.)

Like a club (resource to be rationed) face to face

emergent properly would be limits on memberships

community too big too talkative, some will go away

showing trophy objects ? dances, balls (steampunks)

intuition ? formal sense → NO

Mike doesn?t think so

Not enough interaction not enough barriers to being inducted (not laws but occurances)

5-10 years online reviews which should be exploring this to a point.

Are we talking about something that is more like clubs or one we consider clubs to be subcultures.

To Mike it is interesting if if itself is rooted in a concept of some other culture. Reinterpreting, reenacting, reconcepting or extending some other culture.

Hobby that investigates some other culture.

What are they picking out? What are they leaving alone?

Gender role implications ? pick on things in a way that?s remapped significant in terms of the contemporary culture.

This is politically interesting. Any leve other than very superficial?you have to be a sub to enact a dev culture

Just how substantial are they codes in their day to day life?

Substantial part of someone?s life?

Social Mediations

3 tier/4 tier? Inventors/creators/buyers

Useful category ? steampunk more than hobby not up to being a subculture

American English-lifestyle implication

Decomposable within anthropology

Property sets ? how it relates

How do you differentiate a relationshipo to other things that are in the same domain?

Got to key in

Another example 18-24 Rock musicians local dive 6 nights a week

Music knowledge musicians

Body of literature jumprope rhymes. 

Mobile cohort Constituency chaning Knowledge kept by that

Respository Knowledge is being created ? marker of moment

 Identifying themes

 To what extent artifacts or interested cultures emerge

 Creating, distributing, recreating knowledge

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